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Lusty Lloyd Loom The simple elegance of Lusty’s Lloyd Loom

In 1917 the American Marshall B. Lloyd invented a unique manufacturing method of wicker furniture: Kraft paper is wrapped around a steel wire, and this provides an exceptionally tough wicker material. In 1922 the English company “Lusty Lloyd Loom” got the license for the manufacturing in Europe, since then the company has designed most of the classic “wicker chair models”, which are still available on the market.

The simple elegance of Lusty’s Lloyd Loom furniture makes it totally at home in modern living areas – lounges, family rooms and conservatories. It is extremely fine and durable and can be painted any colour to suit your needs. This type of woven furniture can be seen in the Royal boxes at Wimbledon, Henley and Twickenham.

In London the Loom furniture often turns up for sale at the fine auctions. Even after decades of daily use, the lacquered strong wicker retains its fine appearance, and it has made this furniture to collector's items. Lusty Lloyd Loom Collections consist of a wide range of classic models, as well as new designs.

 Lusty Lloyd Loom Features

  • Superior to both cane and wicker
  • Woven fibre – twisted and twine
  • Woven on loom into sheets of fibre
  • Heart of Steel in each upright strand
  • Each panel cut to pattern and stretched over frame
  • Ideal for all indoor living environments

Colours: Natural, Taupe or painted in a Selection of Resene Colours
Material: Woven Fibre - twisted and twine


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