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Originals by SikaNostalgia with edge.

The collection of rattan furniture has been continuously expanded since the Danish furniture manufacturer Sika Design first launched Originals collection.

Sketches and pictures from the furniture company's archives from the 50s and 60s are being used as inspiration when the design team creates comfortable wicker furniture that brings home a touch of nostalgia.

The style in Grandma's cozy cottage, French Provencal idyll or Swedish archipelago atmosphere has become very popular and home magazines regularly brings articles where an heirloom from the time shows up. How rattan former primarily sold to conservatories, patios and cottages, they used today everywhere in the house.

For those not able to dust off the old furniture up, it is possible to buy a new piece of furniture in the style of Sika Designs Collection "Originals" The newest addition is a small natural-colored lounge set called Jacobsen, which is a re launch of a model from the 60s. The furniture has been updated for today's comfort and height, and there are also small, lightweight tables in the same style.

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